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Denise 旭
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  • I do translations and music renditions, occasionally fan arts
  • ← scan credits to Neko @sterimaz
  • all AD transcriptions are done by Chaka-san
  • Baystorm done by Saika-san, unless stated otherwise
  • IP address turned on for anonymous commenters, anonymous comments are screened by default
  • most entries are long and hidden under the cut, if you do not wish to read then just skip
  • entries are tagged accordingly, all those with a “♥” in the beginning indicates that it is fandom-related
  • check the link list on the sidebar first to see if the things you might need are there before requesting
  • please do not repost anything from this blog without permission, even with credits. I usually permit people to use my translations, but I would appreciate it if you inform me beforehand.
  • self-introduction through comments or PMs is much appreciated if you want me to add you in my friends-list
  • empty journals are not exactly on the top of the list to be added
  • pL3$e d0n+ t¥p3 LiKe +h!s. PLEASE DON’T USE CAPS ALL THE WAY LIKE THIS TOO (it’s very intimidating)
  • I reply PMs and comments as long as I am able to
  • please make sure your PM settings are right so replies can go through properly