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Sakurai Sho x Ohno Satoshi’s FREESTYLE

I love Yama-pair way more than I’m willing to show. Here I’ve compiled some episodes on Sho regarding Ohno’s art exhibition Freestyle in 2008 and how it first came to be, where Sho played a big part in making it happen. Not just fanboying over a talented friend as regular people who do nothing else besides saying “wow that’s so nice” (I’m so ashamed), he shows full support and goes out of his way to open up possibilities to help Ohno achieve his dreams of having an art exhibition, all without the knowledge of Ohno himself.

AAA Concert pamphlet 06’

Sakurai: Some time ago we were all playing games together but Ohno-kun got bored after a while, and he started making clay figurines instead. Seeing that he kept staring at a doll figure, I asked him “what are you looking at?”, he said “ah… I’m thinking how I’m supposed to create a human figure”. I see, so that’s the reason.

Sakurai: When we were filming our movie, Ohno-kun showed me his works. I was surprised… they were so good. Recently he’s been reading books, they’re all art-related, this guy… he’s really an artist. Ohno-kun has been saying that he wants to have an art exhibition, I hope he gets to do it soon. I want more people to see what he’s got.

Freestyle Artbook 08’

Sakurai Sho

It’s the best…. it simply is. This book of Ohno-kun’s artwork collection… ah~, I’m really happy about it. I’ve always believe that Ohno-kun will one day have his own exhibition. Was it my advice? Nah, nothing like that. But… once, I kinda talked to the jimusho about this before. “I don’t know how exactly Ohno-kun feels… but if it is possible, can’t we let him have his own exhibition?” I said. Well, honestly I haven’t even asked Ohno-kun himself. And his reply was “we’re already thinking about it”. What was that… around summer I guess? “I see. Ah, this person is really amazing. It’ll be much better to show it to people, that’s for sure” we talked about something like that. So, finally… how shall I put this? To be able to show it to many people, though I’m not the one who made all that (laugh), really… I’m very happy. And I’m definitely going to his exhibition.

Indeed I’ve been with him all these while. When I heard about Ohno-kun painting and creating artworks, I’m really dying to see them, so I said “show me” cause I’m interested. Eh? He said I’m the first one to see it? Eh~ (laugh) But, I understand the feelings of other members too. It’s kinda like, something you shouldn’t ask about. It seems like those things which he enjoys only within himself, or he might be halfway through making something and most probably wouldn’t want to show it to anyone… Though I thought of that, I still said “show me”, and when the timing is right he did show it to me. So indeed, I’m really happy. This led me to wonder, how does this world appear in his eyes (how does he see this world)? (laugh) Don’t you think the same? What kind of things would catch his attention, what are those things that are capable of doing so? Things like that. Even just for 1 day, I want to try being his eyes. I’m thinking out of my league ain’t I (laugh). Then, I love page 4 the most! I kept laughing when I’m at that page (laugh). It’s really just like the Ohno-kun I know. Ah… I’m really happy. I’m so happy as if it’s all happening to myself. The “claw” which had long been hidden. The capable eagle, this is the time it finally shows its “claws”. I’m looking forward to it. When this art book is released, how will people react? I’m anticipating it even from now.

Freestyle press conference 08’

Sakurai: When I was at home, my dad said “it seems that Ohno-kun would release an artbook”. Then my brother said “that’s amazing. I wanna go to his art exhibition”. Then when I told Ohno-kun all these things, he said “remember to buy my book” (laugh)

Sakurai: Although I’ve seen his works from the photos on his phone, but it wasn’t until recently that he started showing me the real objects that he made. I’ve never thought that he made this many. I’m very happy to see him display his hobby in this manner today, I am just so happy.

Orista 2008.02.25

Is it true that Sakurai suggested to the jimusho for you to have this exhibition?

Ohno: Apparently so. I didn’t even know. Sho-kun has been very interested in my works since long before, taking photos of what I made and making them his phone wallpaper, things like that. So I was really happy when I heard. During that time, Sho-kun was practically the only person who saw my works.

TV Life 2008.03.29

Sakurai: I’ve been getting Ohno-san’s drawings as my birthday gifts. In conjunction with his art exhibition this time, I’ve hung up all his drawings in my room. So, I have Ohno Satoshi’s art exhibition in my room too (laugh)

Duet April 08’

Sakurai: I was reading Ohno-kun’s artbook (Freestyle) and when I reached the pages with Ohno-kun’s face, I laughed. It was so interesting. I can keep looking at it all day and never get bored.

Myojo May 08’

Ohno: Speaking of members, Sho-kun’s mother and brother came to my art exhibition.

TV Pia April 08’

Matsumoto: On the first day of Leader’s exhibition, we were supposed to send flowers but there’s been a problem, Sho-kun immediately ordered 4 new sets on our behalf and sent them there. Just like our mom (laugh)

Wink Up January 09’

Sakurai: At the same time of promoting “Step and Go” I appeared at “Freestyle” press conference. With Satoshi-kun. At Shibuya, Fukuoka, and Nagoya right?
Ohno: Appeared… yeah you appeared (laugh) We did live telecast.
Matsumoto: You received the flowers from Arashi didn’t you? Ohno-san?
Ohno: Yes they were there. Such nice flowers…
Sakurai: Flowers… ah (laugh)
Matsumoto: When Sho-kun reached the venue, he suddenly texted us (laugh)
Sakurai: This… well didn’t we say that the 4 of us would send flowers for the opening of Freestyle so it would look interesting? But, in the morning, when I entered the venue, the flowers which were supposed to be there were missing. So I texted everyone, “the flowers aren’t here”, “this isn’t fun at all, shall I order new ones?”
Matsumoto: Then it was “I’ve ordered them”, “we won’t make it in time if I don’t order now, so I just went ahead and ordered” like that.
Sakurai: I was annoyed about flowers (laugh)
Aiba: I can’t imagine this. Sakurai-kun who got annoyed over flowers (laugh)
Ninomiya: But thanks to Sho-san! The flowers from the 4 of us got there in time!


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Dec. 31st, 2016 04:25 am (UTC)
i.cannot. my yama heart!!! 💙❤️ i really love the relationship between these two. it's somewhat different with the other members. they are not chummy like ohmiya or sakuraiba but the closeness is there. there is a mutual respect and adoration between the two. i just love their relationship.

thank you so much for the translations and sharing them. Happy new year!!! :)
Dec. 31st, 2016 07:19 am (UTC)
Hwaaaaaa yama love on last day of the year yayy
I looveeee yamapair too,,thanks so much for making this translation compilation 💕💕💕
I always wondering why it seems like sakurai family really supportive towards ohno *like watching ohno drama, talking about his art etc* and somehow sho's so protective to ohno
Yama relationship itself is so cute and soothing, it's clear that they admire / respect each other. Aahh can't get enough of them 😄
Happy new year anyway 🎉
Dec. 31st, 2016 08:59 am (UTC)
Thank you for translating and sharing..

I never knew about the flower thing.. :D
Dec. 31st, 2016 05:04 pm (UTC)
Thank you so so much for translating and sharing this Yama love!!
It's always welcomed and... kinda needed from time to time since it's seen not so much frequently as how we can see and appreciate other members' love between them.
Indeed, a respectful and admiration relationship between Ohno & Sho. Wonderful world XD

Jan. 1st, 2017 02:32 am (UTC)
Awwww!!! SHO-KUN!!! He is the best friend any introverted artist could ever have.
And the flowers! Ahahaha. It is funny how Sho is always on top of things, even details like that. Really the mama of Arashi.

Thank you for translating and sharing dear! Happy New Year!
Jan. 4th, 2017 04:47 am (UTC)
thanks! appreciate your hard work compiling.
i enjoyed reading very arashi truly yama.
Jan. 14th, 2018 02:07 am (UTC)
Thank you so much for compilation this....
Mar. 28th, 2018 09:45 pm (UTC)
Sakurai family is Ohno's fan!! so cute xD
So Sho got more than one drawings as gifts, will he show it to us one day 😃😃
Thank you for sharing
I just realize i havent commented it here
( 8 winks — Wink Up )