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Sakurai Sho x Ohno Satoshi’s FREESTYLE

I love Yama-pair way more than I’m willing to show. Here I’ve compiled some episodes on Sho regarding Ohno’s art exhibition Freestyle in 2008 and how it first came to be, where Sho played a big part in making it happen. Not just fanboying over a talented friend as regular people who do nothing else besides saying “wow that’s so nice” (I’m so ashamed), he shows full support and goes out of his way to open up possibilities to help Ohno achieve his dreams of having an art exhibition, all without the knowledge of Ohno himself.

I want to see the world through his eyesCollapse )

Please do not repost without permission.

These 10 years are filled with “Thank you!”s. I’m sure I’ll still be laughing 10 years from now.

Speaking of Aiba Masaki-san, he’s “a person of smiles and laughter”. We often see him laugh on Arashi’s variety programs way more than other members. The ever-cheerful Aiba-san instead shows his tears during concerts.

Leader, how come you’re always wearing the same underwear?Collapse )

Please do not repost without permission.

Following the showing of the film “Yatterman”, Sakurai Sho-san has been very busy with his solo works during the beginning of this year, also starring the drama “The Quiz Show”.


I would like to take this opportunity to show our determination for our next step.

The 5 of us gathering together is just so much funCollapse )

I feel like I’ve translated this before, but I can’t find it so I did it anyway LOL Please do not repost without permission.

“Gratitude” of these 10 years and “Determination” of moving towards tomorrow.

A Bond Called ARASHI

Slowly, carefully, this trust and bond is built up progressively as the 5 of them walked together with time.
This autumn, we have Arashi who will be celebrating their 10th anniversary.
They will be talking about everything from thanking fans who have been supporting them all the way, the messages they have for each other, to their expectations of themselves 10 years from now.

I'll host a party. While everyone is busy eating, I’d be like ‘guess I’ll just take a nap’.Collapse )

Ohno Satoshi x Ohno Mamoru

I’ve compiled episodes of Ohno’s sister previously, so I thought of compiling episodes of his dad too. There are actually still a lot more than this but they’re without a clear source so I didn’t include them. It’s so nice that he shares these sweet moments with us, that’s one really cool dad he’s got there. Please do not repost any part without permission.

*since he talks a lot about his mother and most of those episodes are already quite famous, I’ll skip compiling his mom’s for now.


Nama Arashi 2003.05.31

Sakurai: The both of us kept talking about Mamoru in the van. “His name is Mamoru (lit. guard/protect) but he doesn’t guard!” (laugh) Mamoru-san doesn’t have his front teeth anymore right?
Ohno: Yeah the top row, he’s only got 2 real teeth at the back I think. He’s wearing dentures.

My dad my heroCollapse )

Ohno Satoshi x Ohno Mina

I’ve compiled some episodes (in no particular order) of Ohno Satoshi and his elder sister Ohno Mina. A younger brother who is a little protective, a little proud, a little helpless when being ordered around; from a playful and mischievous boy, he has grown to become a fine young man who has proven himself that he will always be there for his family. My heart was beaming with warmth as I compiled this, I hope it’ll do the same for you too. Please do not repost any part without permission.

PAPAPAPA PUFFY 1999.11.03 

Ohno: I have an elder sister. Her name is Ohno Mina.

I am Ohno Satoshi-kun who is always thinking about his sisterCollapse )

In Ohno’s class “Moshi Moshi”, with the message being “thank your loved ones properly”, members each gave a short speech to thank one selected member for every session. The second session of 2011.06.26 where they thanked Ohno is included in disc 3 of Beautiful World tour. Please do not repost without permission.

[2011.06.24 PM] Thank you Matsumoto Jun

Sakurai: I’m thankful towards Matsujun for… when I was filming my first starring drama “Yoiko no Mikata”, it was during winter, very cold, and nearing my birthday. Of course, I received very good presents from the other 3 members as well, but Matsujun gave me earmuffs, gloves and things which come in handy during location shooting. Honestly, I was struggling with exams at that time and was pretty worn out, but this warmth… this physically-felt and emotional warmth… it really kept me going. To such a caring Matsujun, thank you.

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[2002.08.17] Here We Go in Saitama MC

Please do not repost without permission.

The “Arashi” kanji Ohno wrote on Aiba’s shoulder, Sakumiya being blown away by Sawada Shin, funny incidents during the filming of “Pikanchi”, Ohno cutting his own hair 5 minutes before concert, Ohno practicing “Ao no Honoo” lines with Nino, Sakuraiba singing weird “USO!? Japan” song, Arashi’s event which somehow Ohno wasn’t asked to attend…

Ninomiya: Hello! Wow you guys are so high I’m getting worried.
Sakurai: Saitama, we haven’t been here since last Spring.
Aiba: Yes last spring.
Sakurai: People on the top rows you’re very close to the rail, are you okay?
Ohno: Please don’t fall off.
Sakurai: If we say “jump” please just ignore us (laugh) Right, something really sad has happened. Before we started, our Aiba has got “Arashi” written here (right shoulder)… but it’s partially gone now…

Warning: long post aheadCollapse )

My boom

So after all my existing hobbies, I’ve found myself another one recently LOL Cooking, and more specifically, bento-making.

I bought a new fridge in May, which marked the start of my cooking journey. Of course I’ve cooked before this, but not much, and it was mostly just instant noodles and simple stir frying stuff. Not that I’m making any sophisticated food now, but I’m cooking way more than before.

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How I started painting Arashi this year

As  much as I love painting, I used to be very scared of drawing/painting the boys. I’m not too sure exactly what I’m afraid of, perhaps I gave myself too much pressure as I feared the outcome. What if it didn’t turn out well? They are so beautiful I wouldn’t forgive myself if I made them ugly. Things got worse after I stopped painting entirely for about 2 years as life caught up on me, I was so busy with work and new responsibilities I just didn’t have the mood to paint.

I eventually started picking up my brush again, but would just paint things that are somewhat related to them, mostly Ohno, like this lily from Maou.

Or this fish.

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